Forest styre

a badger digs

and the earth

swallows dust

an ocean of time

drips life

by drop

into a band of limestone

until a season pulses

into a landscape

into the curved corners

where forests of secrets grow

where spiders knit net curtains

for worms

sweet shops open in meadows

buttercups ten for a ha’penny

a jeweller sets up shop in the woods

styres suckle the fingers of giants

summer fizzes

in the empty puddles

of cobbled streets

but even man cannot stop the wind

stripping song from hedgerow

in the silence

something stirs

an army of ants shares out the soil

owls are mapping out the night

to sell to next year’s tourists

a pip Googles the weather

In 2014 Paul Henry was Herefordshire’s poet in residence and he created ‘The Poetry Orchard’ for the Ledbury Poetry Festival.  Just pick one of the fantastic apple names and see if you can create a poem. (developed in partnership with The Big Apple Association).