Wild Words Street Safari was part of the Wirral’s Festival of Firsts 2014.  They were looking for “rare and endangered imaginations”.  Start by thinking of a creature whose name begins with the same letter as the name of your street and start your rhyme “There’s a ...”


there’s a crotchety wimpapple down Windyridge Street

weighed down with wishing now frail on his feet

smuzzling through chocolate

flaffling through toffee

he lies on his belly

and slip slops cold coffee

he woke up one morning and declared to the world

I’m gruzzled inside and my toe nails have curled

one grueside is groaning

my blictons are late

nobody likes me

and I can’t get a date

he turned on his back to look up at the sky

tomorrow I think I’ll go out for a fly

but the grasslings were calling

tho’ the tinklots had stopped

his waistline had dangled

his heslops had flopped

it’s no use pretending

my life’s gone asunder

so he riproped a Mars bar

and waited for thunder

a banana,

an apple, or

a bunch of grix tates



called his neighbours and friends

down in Windyridge Street

hoisting our friend back up onto his feet

so the wimpapple piftanged then munched on a fig

in no time at all he was doing a jig

whistling a shintackle

smiling at morning

now he’s whisk-wasked his corns

and is back to performing

for Ayla & Melis

23 April 2014