Did the punks ever reach Ruthin?

Were TV sets hurled through hotel windows at night?

Who started the rumour rocker seeks mod for a fight?

Were pop stars (high in the charts) welcomed with queues

of blistering corns squeezed into second-hand shoes?

Did brass bands march from the square to St Peter’s

(before decimilisation and beer sold in litres)

in days long ago when teachers wore gowns

and respectable people hid themselves behind frowns?

When did farmers wear ankle warmers and Lycra leotards?

Did garage become hip hop and then poetry for bards?

Were there men wearing eyeliner, mascara, foundation

(who made shoulder padded jackets an overnight sensation)?

Did punk rockers grace our medieval square?

Were safety pins hip with bottle bleached hair?

Did a male voice choir sing to us all through the night

in matching bow ties and cummerbunds too tight?

Were the streets full of melody, music and laughter?

Thanks to YouTube we’ll know in the Happy ever after ...

This is dedicated to a vErY SPeCIaL TeAchEr

and the VMA goes to Mr McKay

thank you for making us sMiLE

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