Thank you for visiting my site. If you were searching for lemons or ink then you will be feeling disappointed by now.

I’m not sure how much you need to know about somebody to understand or enjoy their work? Although I am female I have written an Ode to my prostate and obviously I don’t have a prostate. Perhaps the one thing that might help you is that I am a northerner* and with that comes an in-built northern sense of humour – not that I am saying prostate cancer is funny – far from it. Besides our humour we can also be plain spoken.

Sometimes I am grammatically incorrect and I blame my wobbly spelling on a system called ita which I learned at infant school.  

The way people use language fascinates me and I make no apologies for using “bad” language. At one (particularly inspiring) writing workshop the tutor (Philip Gross) asked us to write a list of words that we would never use in a poem. The only word I wrote down was “really”. So I really hope something on my site inspires you to write or read or listen more than you did before.  

*Now that I live in Scotland I’m no longer considered to be a northerner!